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Sign language to make life a little easier..

Author: Clay Ellis

Sign language


#Sign language

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Leaning sigh languageMy brother Travis is also my gym buddy, which is awesome because we really push each hard, but, being brothers, we sometimes have some issues. One of those gym related problems is that we both wear headphones while working out, and we are far too lazy to take our headphones out to speak to each other. Besides, we would rather listen to amazing music than each others voice, but, this issue has caused some interesting communication challenges. Well, we came up with a fantastic solution. We are learning Sign Language! Really, it's the only thing to do when you are this amount of lazy! That's right, we are learning a WHOLE new language because we are too lazy to take out our headphones; sad, but true. The good news is, we already mastered around 60 signs in just a few days. I highly recommend learning sign language, if you're as lazy as us, or if you just want to learn a new language. By the way, we also tried to learn Japanese, but that one didn't work out as well, because there are FIVE different fucking ways to say one word, depending on the mood you're in (and each variattion of the word is spelled and pronounced very differently). Who the fuck makes a language that hard.? I thought English was weirld, but I was deeply wrong.