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The first of many

Author: Clay Ellis

What's up bitches



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Hello Friends and Fans! Get ready for some insight into my weird, wacky world, day after day and month after month, unless I die, then probably not after that. BUT, I'm not involved in the drug cartel or anything like that, so probably, no need to worry. Hopefully, I can keep bringing you back, week after week, with my weird/funny and maybe sometimes inspirational thoughts for the week or sometimes even daily, if I'm not feeling too lazy after leg day. For those of you who aren't gym enthusiasts, "Leg Day" happens once a week at the gym where I pull huge amounts of weight, push even more weight and pray I don't shit my pants when squatting the equivilent of a baby elephant. But, it doesn't end there - for three days following leg day, it is quite common to experience PLS (Post Leg Syndrome). The major symptom of PLS is having so much leg pain that I turn into a 90 year old man every time I try to climb a flight of stairs. Is it worth it? Absolutely! Soon, I will introduce the "Ask Clay Anything" page on this website, and you can ask me all the questions you want. Just keep it appropriate - I know how much you all want to express (to say the least). In the meantime, send your questions to Clay@ClayEllis.me and I'll do my best to respond. Have fun and I hope you come back soon. Yours Truly,Clay